Yes! You can build your side-hustle business while you work a full time 9-5 day job.

Your passion is clear. The dream that has been growing steadily inside of you cannot be denied.

Let's Do This!

Your passion is clear. The dream that has been growing steadily inside of you cannot be denied.

Focus on Action

Utilize 3 structured coaching sessions as an exploration into your key motivators, values and areas of strengths. Keep the momentum going with an action plan to build your business.

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Energetic Entrepreneur

Explore how you show up (or don't show up!) for your business energetically. Introduce regular accountability as you execute your action plan.

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Massive Action Mastery

Master your growth-mindset. Experience real growth as you commit to massive action for your business. Thrive in weekly accountability around your personal and professional goals.

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While I’m a founder and entrepreneur, I mostly identify myself as an artist and a visionary. I often come up with big and exciting ideas that inspire others. This is a great skill until it comes to breaking the vision down and executing on what’s important. Thankfully, working with Bridget, we were able to help me focus on my key values and projects that would help me move some of my biggest visions forward. I specifically appreciated the work we did together on a sprint plan, where I was breaking down the action items associated with growing the community and starting a membership. While initially daunting, finalizing this sprint plan with estimated time frames, allowed me to get a bird's eye view, be realistic, and then schedule in the tasks.

A master of understanding priorities, organization, and executing large-scale projects are some of Bridget’s greatest strengths. However, Bridget also has a natural and trained ability to deeply connect with people and her clients. This was key for working with her, because while I was looking to optimize my business, I knew that personal habits and lifestyle impacted my success. Bridget’s ability to hold space for me in this capacity is hard to find!


I felt empowered & uplifted attending these coaching sessions. Thank you Bridget for your insight and guidance. You listened, advised and guided me throughout the sessions. It was so easy to talk to you and your session has inspired me a lot. I will take the lessons of this course on board for now and the future. 

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

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