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The thoughts, assumptions, and beliefs we hold about ourselves and the world around us impact how we show up for our business. Are your thoughts working for you?



We all resonate with energy ranging from victim mindset to all knowing transcendence everyday. You have control over how you show up energetically! How do you show up?


Studies show you are 77% more likely to achieve your goals if you publicly claim them and report progress on a regular basis. Bring accountability & planning into your strategy.


I'm Bridget. I help side-hustlers and first time entrepreneurs build the structure and mindset they need to take massive action in their own business everyday.


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Building your own business while you work a 9-5 day job? Subscribe to the podcast to explore the mindset, energy and strategy you need to thrive in your life as both an entrepreneur and employee. Can you do both? Yes, you can.



Dive into resources that will have your inspiration levels spiking! Challenge your awareness of how you show up energetically with a free course, grab an action planner to ramp up productivity or reflect on a blog post to unblock a sticky mind.



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Experience the power of awareness and intentional massive action through 1:1 coaching with Bridget. Focused goal-setting, clarity of thought & action and accountability will keep you kicking butt and taking names.

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"I realized I wanted to work with Bridget when I kept finding myself saying "yes!" out loud when I would listen to her podcast. I had long been holding on to a goal to launch my own business and she was the impetus I needed to put a wish in to a plan. From conversations to questions to get-it-done homework, we found the steps that got me out of my own way. And the best part was that she understood the mental hurdles as she has been through them in her own launch.

If you get the chance to work with Bridget take it! You and your goals will be better off for it."

Kristin, WA - USA

"I was in a place of transition (as most of us are when we need a perspective shift) and Bridget helped me identify where I was stuck. She understood my imposter syndrome/ perfectionist tendencies and helped me create an action plan for moving towards “the big scary goal”.

This is the goal that I knew I wanted but felt paralyzed and totally blocked whenever I thought about action towards it. I have much to do but now I’m confident towards hitting my goals and pitching myself.

Bridget left me with action steps, invitation to let myself feel abundance and the confidence to do so. If you are a woman afraid to ask for what you are worth, hire her so you can shake off those barriers and make your impact in the world."

Megan, WA - USA

"Bridget is Awesome! Easy to talk to and exudes genuine care and uplifting energy. At each session she has me digging deep within to find the root of what stifles my motivation and holds me back from fulfilling my goals of reaching greater heights of personal fulfillment and service to my loved ones and my community. I leave the session with my mind less cluttered and with a focus for the week or small actionable steps I can take. Working with Bridget has me walking a much straighter path, with fewer hurdles and detours, towards my personal and professional goals."

Nancy, HI - USA

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